S-2 CO2 Sensor (10.000ppm)

S-2 CO2 Sensor (10.000ppm)

S-2 CO2 Sensor (2000ppm) - With ABC

S-2 CO2 Sensor (2000ppm) - With ABC

S-4 CO2 Sensor (2000ppm)

Achieve optimal conditions in your greenhouse with the smart S-4 Sensor 2,000 ppm from TechGrow. This all-in-one sensor measures the COconcentration, relative humidity and temperature in your room, and detects light.

The built-in light sensor enables automatic switching between day and night mode. If desired, you can manually set the light sensor to a non-stop day mode by means of a DIP switch.

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S-4 CO2 Sensor 2000 ppm

Achieve optimal conditions in your greenhouse, indoor grow or hydroponics farm by using this smart sensor as your CO2 monitor. Packed with features to help you give your plants the best environment, it is able to measure CO2 concentration, relative humidity, temperature, as well as detect light.

For added convenience, the automatic light sensor gives you the option to enable easy switching between day and night mode! If you’d rather set the sensor manually, then you can use the reliable DIP switch to set it to non-stop day mode.

Additionally, you have the option to manually calibrate the sensor in fresh air at 400ppm by using one of our CO2 controllers. The sensor comes equipped with a dedicated DIP switch in order to prevent unwanted calibration.

The S-4 is fully compatible with most TechGrow controllers.

Key Features

  • Accurate measurements of carbon dioxide concentration, relative humidity and temperature in your room every second
  • Highly precise Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) Sensor
  • Built-in Light Sensor
  • Automatic switching between day and night mode
  • Built-in light sensor can be set to non-stop day mode (manually set)
  • Manual calibration & test function for the CO2 sensor
  • Calibration with calibration gas (only by TechGrow)

Key Specs

  • Measurement range: 0ppm – 2000 ppm
  • Adjustabilty: increments of 10 ppm
  • Temperature range: - 40 °C to 100 °C
  • Rate of measurement: every second
  • Connectivity: 1 UTP port
  • Compatible with most Techgrow controllers
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Key Functions
Measures: CO2, temperature, humidity & light
Range PPM: 0 - 2.000 ppm
Display characters: No display
Light sensor: Yes, switchable

CO2 Sensor Specifications
NDIR sensor: Yes, very accurate measurement
Rate of measurement: Every second
Accuracy: 30 PPM
Response time diffusion: 20 Seconds
Warm-up time: <30 seconds
Warranty: 6 months
ABC functionality: No

Temp-RH Temperture Specifications
Temperature range:  - 40 °C to 100 °C 
Accuracy temperature:  ± 0,5 °C 
Response time temperature: <2 Seconds
Humidity range: 0 - 99%
Accuracy relative humidity:  ± 4,5% RH 
Response time RH: <6 seconds 

Power Supply
Input: From the controller
Power cord: Through the network

Software Details
Software version: v1.0
Latest software update: 9-7-2019

Product dimension 
13.5cm x 7cm x 5cm (HxWxD)

Product weight

Package dimension
15cm x 12cm x 11.5cm  (HxWxD)

Package weight

Box content
TechGrow S-4
Mounting kit
User Manual
UTP cable

User manual

TechGrow S-4 Manual

Product description and specifications




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