General Terms and Conditions
These general Terms and Conditions apply to the website:
TechGrow is part of J&B Electronics B.V.

Buyer: anyone who enters into or has entered into an agreement with the vendor

Vendor: TechGrow, using these general Terms and Conditions, established and holding office at Laan van Waalhaven 167, 2497 GK, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Agreement: every agreement to buy or sell concluded between the buyer and the vendor in relation to the products offered by TechGrow in the context of its regular business activities.

1. Provisions
1. These general terms and conditions apply to every offer set forth by the vendor and to every agreement concluded between the buyer and the vendor.
2. The applicable law for every agreement concluded at the Online Shop, including the terms of delivery, is the Dutch national law.
3. The agreement to buy or sell is concluded by placing an order using the order form on the website or via e-mail. Orders are confirmed via e-mail.
4. These terms of delivery also apply to any transaction between the vendor and the buyers.

2. Prices and special offers
1. All prices mentioned on the website include VAT, unless stated otherwise. The VAT for the products offered on the Online Shop is 21%.
2. All products offered on the website are subject to price, version, availability and delivery time. All details are based on the last know prices and information. The Online Shop retains the right to modify the mentioned prices afterwards.
3. All offers made by the Online Shop are completely free of engagement, unless explicitly stated or agreed upon with the buyer.

3. Force majeure
1. In case delivery of the ordered products has become impossible as a result of force majeure, the vendor is relieved of his responsibilities included in the agreement. In case delivery in a timely fashion has become impossible as a result of force majeure, the vendor is relieved of his responsibility to deliver in a timely fashion included in the agreement.
2. Force majeure includes, but is not limited to circumstances the vendor has no influence over or could not, in all fairness, have had any influence over.
3. The buyer may only dissolve the agreement in case the agreement cannot be executed or in case the agreement cannot be executed within two months.
4. In case of force majeure, the buyer may not claim any form of compensation by the vendor for any of the suffered damages.

4. Delivery and payment
1. The delivery times mentioned on the website are merely an indication. The buyer is not entitled to any form of compensation should these delivery times be exceeded.
2. Delivery is done in The Netherlands unless otherwise agreed upon and is done as soon as the products are ready for shipment to the buyer.
3. The location for shipment will be the address provided by the buyer to the vendor.
4. The vendor retains the right to charge for shipping and delivery.
5. Orders that consist of more than one product may be shipped and invoiced in multiple packages, however, the vendor may only charge once for shipment.
6. The vendor retains the right to suspend it shipment obligations towards the buyer, especially when the buyer still has unpaid invoices with the vendor.
7. Payment of all invoices must be done in a timely fashion and within the terms included in the invoice.
8. All products supplied by the vendor to the buyer as a result of the agreement remain property of the vendor until all the amounts due by the buyer to vendor for the products included in the agreement have been paid in full.
9. In case of the agreement is dissolved in accordance with the general terms and conditions, the vendor will reimburse the buyer the paid amount as soon as possible, the latest within 30 days after dissolution of the agreement.
10. The buyer has the obligation to notify the vendor of any inaccuracies included in the supplied or mentioned payment details.
11. In case of default by the buyer, the vendor retains the right, after having given prior notice and within the limits of legal provisions, to charge the buyer for the damages suffered as a result of non-payment.

5. Advertisement and liability
1. The buyer has the obligation to verify whether the products meet the terms set out in the agreement. If this is not the case, the buyer has to notify the vendor within seven working days after receiving the products, in writing or via e-mail.
2. If proven that the products do not meet the terms set out in the agreement, the buyer can choose between replacement products after returning the products or a full refund of the amount on the invoice.
3. Return shipments will only be accepted if the products are undamaged. The costs for return shipments must be paid by the buyer, unless otherwise agreed upon.
4. A dispute will only be accepted by the vendor, if the buyer has submitted his complaint to the vendor within a reasonable timeframe.
5. The vendor will not accept a dispute or suspend its execution in case the buyer has filed for automatic stay or bankruptcy or has terminated his commercial activities.
6. The vendor is not liable for damages suffered by the buyer or a third party resulting from defects to the products supplied by the vendor.
7. The vendor is not liable for damages suffered by the buyer or a third party resulting from failure to deliver, a wrong delivery or late delivery.

6. Other provisions
1. Deviations from these terms and conditions are only valid if agreed upon beforehand by the vendor and the buyer.
2. All disputes related to or resulting from these general terms and conditions and/or a delivery agreement with the vendor will be submitted to the competent judge.

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