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T-2 Pro CO2 controller (4.5A)

T-2 Pro CO2 controller (4.5A)

T-2 Pro Controller/Regulator/Monitor (7A)

T-2 Pro Controller/Regulator/Monitor (7A)

T-Micro CO2 Controller/Regulator/Meter

The T-Micro CO2 Controller is the smallest CO2 meter from the TechGrow range. This product is by far the most reliable digital CO2 monitoring and regulation device. It can be used as a fully flexible and scalable solution in any room. It takes care of your plants for you, automatically turning the CO2 source on and off. The best part is, its light sensor enables automatic switching between day and night settings.

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T-Micro CO2 Controller/Regulator/Meter
T-Micro CO2 Controller/Regulator/Meter

In stock

€307.65 €254.26


    T-Micro CO2 Controller 

    The T-Micro CO2 Controller is the smallest CO2 controller from the TechGrow range. This device is by far the best in its category, due to the complete digital technique.

    You can use the T-Micro CO2 Controller in any room. It automatically turns the CO2 source on and off. The external CO2 sensor with light sensor enables automatic switching between day and night settings.

    The T-Micro CO2 Controller is adjustable from 300 to 2000 ppm and performs a measurement every second. Its display shows actual values, including setpoint and hysteresis, and the indicator LED indicates whether CO2 is being dosed or not. Moreover, the T-Micro CO2 Controller has a built-in calibration function, so you can calibrate the CO2 sensor in fresh air.

    This CO2 controller comes without a sensor.


    - Plug & Play.

    - Can be used in small to very large spaces.

    - Built-in calibration function to calibrate the CO2 sensor in fresh air.

    - Adjustable from 300 - 2000 ppm.

    - Min/Max display for CO2.

    - Indicator led indicates when CO2 is dosed.

    - Switches the CO2 source (CO2 generator, CO2 cylinder) ON/OFF by means of a 230V relay.

    - Memory for setpoint and hysteresis in case of power failure.

    - Automatic 110V/230V detection.

    - The external sensor has a light sensor that automatically switches between day and night settings.

    - Automatic detection of cable failure or poor connection with the sensor(s).

    - Sensor connection with standard network cable (UTP). Included is a cable of 5 meters.

    - Controller and sensor are available separately.

    - Various sensors are available separately.

    - Possibility to connect the TechGrow Datalogger (DL-1).

    Click on link to open the manual available in 5 languages:
    TechGrow T-Micro V2.0 Manual


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    Key functions:
    Controls: CO2
    Measure/displays: CO2
    Range PPM: 300-2000 ppm
    Day/night detection: Yes
    Light sensor: In CO2 sensor
    Display characters: 2 x 8

    Power supply:
    Input: 100/240 volt 50/60 HZ
    CO2 power output: 100 – 220 volt
    Internal use: 3 Watt
    CO2 relais: 8 Amp
    CO2 Fuse: 4 Amp
    Power cord: 3 x 0,75
    Cable length: 1,7m

    Relays details:
    Relays switching capacity:  8 Amp
    Relays rating: AC 5A

    Software details:
    Software version: v2.03
    Latest software update: 04-02-2019

    Sensor not included in packaging

    Sensor advice: 
    S-2    0/2.000ppm  (download link)

    Compatible sensor:
    S-Eco 0/2.000ppm (download link)
    S-4     0/2.000ppm (download link)

    Not compatible sensors:
    S-2  0/10.000ppm
    S-4  0/10.000ppm
    Temp/RH sensor 
    Temp probe 2/ 5/ 10 meter


    Product dimension
    15cm x13cm x 8cm (HxWxD)

    Product weight

    Package dimension 
    16cm x 26cm x15cm (HxWxD)

    Package weight  

    Box contents
    TechGrow T-Micro CO2 Controller
    Mounting kit
    5 Meter (UTP) Cable
    User manual
    (CO2 Sensor NOT included)

    User manual 
    TechGrow T-Micro V2.0

    Product description & specifications




    EU version - Article number: SKU - 11511
    Barcode: 0023821179960

    UK version - Article number: SKU - 11512
    Barcode: 0023821182458