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Clima Eco 5A (Min-Max speed)

Clima Eco 5A (Min-Max speed)

Clima Micro Plus 5A (Minimum speed)

Clima Micro Plus 5A (Minimum speed)

Clima Micro Plus 2x2.5A (Negative pressure)

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Key functions
Controls: Intake fan & outtake fan
Display: Yes
Display characters: 2 x 8
Displays: Temp, fan speed, min & max, negative pressure
Sockets: 2

Software functions
Temp range: 15 °C – 35 °C
Minimum fan speed setting range: 10% - 100% 
Negative pressure range: 0 - 50% 

Power supply
Power supply: 100v - 240v
Internal use: 3 Watt
Fuse: 5 Amp
Triac: 2 x 12 Amp
Power cord: 3 x 1.5mm / 1.7m

Software details
Software version: v2.0
Latest software update: 23-7-2019

Sensor advice
Temp probe

Compatible sensor
Temp RH

Non compatible sensors
S-Eco 0/2.000ppm 
S-4     0/2.000ppm  
S-2     0/2.000ppm 
S-2     0/10.000ppm
S-4     0/10.000ppm

Box contents
Clima Micro Plus 2x2 5A Negative pressure
Mounting kit
User manual
Spare fuse

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