Day/Night Fan Controller (14A)

Day/Night Fan Controller (14A)

Clima Control (14A)

Clima Control (14A)

Clima Control (7A)

The Clima Control 7A is a digitally controlled climate controller, able to control up to 2 connected fans in your urban garden or grow room. Readings from connected carbon dioxide sensors, humidity sensors and temperature sensors are updated real time on its clear display. This makes the Clima Control fan controller both the ideal temperature regulation and humidity control solution for your smart greenhouse.

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Clima Control (7A)
Clima Control (7A)

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€210.94 €174.33


    Clima Control (7A)

    The Clima Control is a digital fan speed controller, able to connect up to two fans, that can control temperature and air humidity. Readings from any connected CO2 sensor, RH sensor and temperature sensor are updated real time on its clear display. It also registers the minimum/maximum values of temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide concentration.

    This makes the Clima Control fan controller both the ideal temperature regulation and humidity control solution. Add it to your greenhouse kit to build a truly smart greenhouse or to your grow kit to ensure that your plants are taken care of consistently and with precision.

    Easy to use, its simple menu allows you to separately adjust day and night values, as well as set a time delay for switching between day and night modes. The calibration function (auto or manual) for the fans ensures that each box is perfectly adjusted. Its temperature sensor can also be aligned with other measuring equipment, for optimal results, using the Temp Offset function.

    Clima Control comes without a sensor. It is compatible with our range of Techgrow CO2 sensors, RH sensors and temperature sensors. Clima Control is also available in a 14A version.

    Key Features

    • Measures and displays current values from connected CO2, humidity and temp sensors.
    • Register minimum/maximum values of connected sensor(s)
    • Regulate temperature and relative humidity.
    • Set Day and Night temperature and humidity values separately.
    • Time delay for switching between day and night mode.
    • LEDs indicate when a stable climate has been achieved and when light is detected.
    • All settings are saved in the event of a power failure.
    • Displays the minimum/maximum values of connected sensors (CO2, temperature and air humidity).
    • 60hz refresh rate - display is refreshed every second.
    • Fan can be controlled manually or automatically.
    • Fan control is adjustable in increments of 2%.
    • Smart setting option to set the fan in 2 simple steps.
    • Unique menu for adjusting each box, regardless of the format.
    • Energy saving backlight automatically switches off after 60 seconds.
    • Automatic detection of cable failure or poor contact with the connected sensors.
    • 3 standard UTP network cable ports to connect with Techgrow sensors and devices.
    • Fully compatible with various TechGrow sensors and devices.
    • Can be connected with the TechGrow Datalogger (DL-1)
    Click on link to open the manual available in 5 languages:TechGrow Clima Control Pro Manual

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    Key functions
    Controls: Temperature/humidity
    Displays: Temperature/humidity & CO2
    Day/night detection: Yes
    Light sensor: In sensor
    Heater relais: No
    Temperature alarm: No

    Software functions
    Temp range: 10.0 to 45.0 C.
    Temp hysteresis: 0.0 to 5.0 C.  
    RH range: 10 - 100%
    RH hysteresis: 0-30%
    Temperature settings: Day & night
    Humidity settings: Day & night
    Day/night delay: Yes
    Min/max values: Yes (Temp & RH)

    Power supply
    Power supply 100v - 240v
    Internal use 3 watt
    Fuse 8 Amp
    Triac 12 Amp
    Power cord 3 x 1.5mm / 1.7m

    Software details
    Software version: 2.04
    Latest software update: 14-10-2019 

    Sensor advice
    Temp / RH (download link)

    Compatible sensor
    S-4 (download link)

    Non compatible sensor
    Probe/ S-2/S-Eco

    Product dimension
    21cm x 24cm x 10cm (HxWxD

    Product weight

    Package dimension
    25cmx29cmx17cm (HxWxD)

    Package weight

    Box content
    TechGrow Clima Control
    Mounting kit
    Spare fuse
    User Manual


    EU version - Article number: SKU - 12711
    Barcode: 0023821180201

    UK version - Article number: SKU - 12712
    Barcode: 0023821180591