Seconds Interval Timer


TechGrow’s Seconds Interval Timer allows you to set interval times very accurately, for example for controlling a water pump. The time settings range from 1 to 360 seconds and from 1 to 360 minutes, allowing you to easily set interval times such as 120 seconds on/100 minutes off.

In addition, the Seconds Interval Timer has the option to only operate when the built-in light sensor detects daylight. In this case, the light sensor turns off the timer automatically when no light is detected. As soon as the light sensor detects light, the interval program restarts. If you prefer to run the interval program indefinitely, you can manually turn off the light sensor.


  • Plug & play
  • Easy to set up.
  • Built-in light sensor.
  • Choice of 3 programs, active 24 hours, by day, by night
  • Adjustable “pause” time from 1 to 360 minutes.
  • Adjustable “pulse” time from 1 to 360 seconds.
  • The Seconds Interval Timer is protected with a 6 Amp fuse.
  • Indicator LED indicates when the Seconds Interval Timer is active.
  • Clear LCD screen with display of activity.

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