Pro Series | T-1 CO2-controllerPro Serie | T-1 CO2-controller

The T-1 Pro CO2 Controller is the most advanced CO2 controller on the market. It accurately creates the desired CO2 level in your grow room.

Configure the T-1 Pro in a minute and enjoy all of its features!
For example, the T-1 Pro has an automatic CO2 dosing counter, a log of the last 7 days and adjustable pulse dosing to get a stable CO2 level in your room. It also has a dosing delay, which ensures delayed activation of CO2 enrichment in your room.

The T-1 Pro is adjustable from 300 to 2000 ppm or from 300 to 10000 ppm. From the clear display, you can read the actual values ​​of the connected sensors as well as the minimum/maximum values.

The T-1 Pro Controller automatically switches between day and night settings by means of light detection. Thanks to the built-in calibration function, you can calibrate your CO2 sensor in fresh air.

The T-1 Pro comes without a sensor.


  • Adjustable from 300 to 2000 ppm or from 300 to 10,000 ppm.
  • Adjustable dosing delay and timer.
  • Automatic CO2 dosing counter
  • Familiar interface.
  • Built-in calibration function to calibrate the CO2 sensor against outdoor air.
  • Display shows CO2, temperature and humidity values (depending on the connected sensor(s)).
  • Display shows min/max values of connected sensor(s).
  • Display is refreshed every second.
  • LED indicator for CO2 dosage, light detection and a stable climate.
  • All settings are saved during power outage.
  • The controller automatically switches between day/night settings
    (by means of the connected sensor).
  • Sensor not included; available separately.
  • Automatically turns off the backlight of the display after 60 seconds.
  • Automatically detects broken cable or bad connection of the connected sensors.
  • Compatible with multiple TechGrow devices.
  • Possibility to connect the Techgrow Datalogger (DL-1).

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Pro Serie | T-1 CO2-controller