Portable CO2 Meter HS-2 

The HS-2 is ideal to measure the CO2 value, temperature and humidity in an area.

The TechGrow HS-2 Portable CO2 Meter uses NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infra Red) technology to ensure reliable measurements, similar to the CO2 sensor that TechGrow uses for years for all monitoring- and controlling instruments.

The HS-2 features a clear audible alarm that warns when the CO2 value exceeds the set alarm value. Also, the HS-2 features a calibration function to calibrate the CO2 sensor against outdoor air.

Special features:

  • Useable in any room.
  • Extremely accurate CO2 sensor, produced by SenseAir® Sweden, the leading manufacturer in CO2 measurement.
  • The HS-2 measures the CO2 value, temperature and humidity.
  • Takes a measurement every second.
  • Backlight for working in dark areas.
  • CO2 warning alarm.
  • Calibration function for CO2.
  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries.
  • Includes batteries and instruction manual.

  • Includes a convenient storage case.
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