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HS-1 Portable CO2 Meter/Monitor

HS-1 Portable CO2 Meter/Monitor

HS-2 Portable CO2 Meter/Monitor

Compact and highly precise, the HS-2 is a multifunction handheld CO2 monitor that measures carbon dioxide concentration, temperature as well as relative humidity. The HS-2 uses the same highly accurate non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor that Techgrow users have come to trust over the years with their indoor grows, which can easily be calibrated in fresh air to ensure accurate readings.

Equipped also with an audible alarm, the HS-2 can sound a CO2 alarm when the carbon dioxide sensor registers a value that is set to trigger it.

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HS-2 Portable Handheld CO2 Meter/Monitor

Using its highly reliable non-dispersive infrared sensor, from SenseAir®, the HS-2 measures CO2 levels, temperature and humidity in the area. This has made it the one portable CO2 meter you need for all of your temperature regulation, carbon control and environmental control needs in your hydroponics/aquaponics farm or urban garden. Measurements from the HS-2 are kept accurate with the calibration function that can be used in fresh air, making it a truly handheld CO2 meter.

Key Features

Useable in any room.
Extremely accurate non-dispersive infrared (ndir) carbon dioxide sensor by SenseAir®.
The HS-2 measures the CO2 value, temperature and humidity.
Takes a measurement every second.
Backlight for working in dark areas.
CO2 warning alarm.
Calibration function for CO2.
Battery powered (4 x AA) for complete portability.
Includes batteries and instruction manual.
Includes a convenient storage case.

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TechGrow HS-2 Manual

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