Green Eye CO2 Monitor and Datalogger  green-life-green-eye_1200px

The Green Eye measures the CO₂ level, the air temperature and the air humidity in your room and also logs the measured values.

This monitor from TechGrow’s Greenseries has an internal, stable NDIR sensor for CO₂ detection. Thanks to the smart ABC function (Automatic Baseline Calibration) it always displays the correct CO2 value. From the clear display you can read all values at a glance, including the minimum and maximum CO₂ values.

In addition, this monitor has an audible alarm which you can switch off if desired.

The Greenserie monitors are widely used in offices, classrooms, factories, hospitals, crèches and hotels. Due to the built-in ABC function, they are not suitable for long-term use in greenhouses. (maximum 5 days)

You can easily read and analyse the data collected by the Green Eye via USB and the provided free software (on CD-ROM).



  • Measures the CO2, temperature and air humidity level
  • Extremely accurate sensors from the brand SenseAir ™.
  • ABC function for “Automatic Baseline Calibration”
  • Adjustable CO2 alarm.
  • Simple calibration function for CO2.
  • LCD Display.
  • Performs a measurement every second.
  • Datalogger for 16,000 measuring points.
  • Software on CD included.


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