Day/Night Fan Controller

Pro Serie | Day/Night fan Controller

The DAY/NIGHT Fan Controller is very effective and 100% plug & play.
This controller allows you to run your fan at a different speed during day and night.

The DAY/NIGHT Fan Controller has 2 turning knobs to adjust the day and night speed of your fan.
It responds to light and automatically switches between day and night settings.

The DAY/NIGHT Fan Controller has no option to connect a temperature sensor.


  • 100% Plug & Play.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Adjustable day/night fan power.
  • With built-in light sensor.
  • Rotary buttons for easy adjustment of settings.
  • Switch for bridging the dimmer.
  • Easy to replace fuse.
  • Spare fuse included.
  • Available in 4.5A, 7A and 14A versions.
  • Day and night mode can be adjusted separately.
  • Switch to operate the dimmer automatically or manually.

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