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The Clima Control Plus is a unique climate controller, which accurately creates the right grow room climate.
The desired day and night temperature can be set separately, as well as the speed of adjustment.

In addition, the Clima Control Plus has a delay time for switching between day and night settings. The controller can be operated automatically or manually, and can turn off an external contact by means of a temperature alarm.

Thanks to the unique calibration function for the fan, the Clima Control Plus allows you to perfectly adjust each box. The Clima Control Plus has connections for 1 heater and 1 fan (14A), and is available in 3 versions: 4.5A, 7A and 14A.

This controller comes without a sensor; various compatible sensors are available separately.


  • Connection for a 14A heater.
  • Day and night temperature adjustable separately.
  • Alarm contact in case of over-temperature.
  • Adjustable delay time for switching from day to night temperature.
  • LED indicator for light detection, fan activity, heater activity, and a stable climate.
  • Ideal for heating when using LED lighting.
  • All settings are saved during power outages.
  • Display shows min/max values of connected sensor(s).
  • The fan can be operated automatically or manually.
  • The fan-control is adjustable in steps of 10%.
  • Features a unique calibration menu for adjusting every box, regardless of size.
  • Programmable acceleration rate.
  • Available in 4,5A. 7A and 14A versions.
  • Connectable to multiple TechGrow devices.
  • Comes without sensor; sensors are separately available.
  • Possibility to connect the Techgrow Datalogger (DL-1).
  • Other features are identical to the TechGrow Clima Control.

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