Ballast Basic 6x600Wballast-basic-6-x-600-600-x-600-1

The Ballast Basic is a digitally controlled relay controller that controls up to 6 x 600W. Thanks to the digital control, this relay controller has quite a few features!

For example, it has a digital display and a digital time clock, which is easy to operate. During the clock setting process you can choose between a 24-hour cycle or an asymmetrical cycle. In case of the asymmetric timer, you can set your own preferences for the duration of the cycle.(maximum 36 hours)

The Ballast Basic 6x600W is equipped with 2 magnet relays that are switched on independently and delayed. (3 contacts per relay)

The Ballast Basic also has a start-up delay in the event of a power failure. The built-in log function allows you to check the duration and the time of the power outage.

The Ballast Basic is available in the following versions:

  • 4 x 600W
  • 5 x 600W + Heater
  • 6 x 600W


  • Suitable for 6 x 600W lighting (analog and digital ballast)
  • Is switched by 2 delayed relays
  • Does not make any noise
  • Choice of 2 digital clocks (24-hour / asymmetrical)
  • Possibility to shorten or extend the day
  • Adjustable start-up delay up to 300min
  • Event log function for 20 events

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