High-end products for measuring, security and registration

TechGrow develops and supplies a full range of high-end products for measuring, registration and communication for today’s horticultural industry. The products are developed and produced in The Netherlands and are acknowledged worldwide for their quality, ease of use and accuracy.

Thanks to TechGrow, you can focus on your business carefree, sure in the knowledge that your measuring and control equipment is monitoring your crops reliably.

  • A short and controlled growth cycle thanks to groundbreaking technology CO2 fertilizing ensures a higher crop yield, but only when it is done at exactly the right levels. TechGrow develops its equipment based on groundbreaking technology which ensures a shorter and perfectly controlled growth cycle.Besides carefully regulating the right levels of CO2, TechGrow’s products also ensure that the entire process is kept on track, from a well-balanced power supply to automatic and remote notifications of any deviations during production.

    What will the near future hold?

    There are several interesting developments going on in the field of communication with measuring equipment, such as communication via mobile phones/SMS/3G/Bluetooth or via Ethernet. Our goal is to implement new technology as soon as it becomes available.

    In the future, it will be possible to remotely control your entire installation from your sofa.

    We are working on several fascinating solutions which we will present to you very soon.

  • New in our product range


    The TechGrow Data logger allows you to always check the previous sensor values.

    The supplied 8GB SD card stores up to 180,000,000 measurements for easy analyzing in the comfort of your own home.

    The TechGrow Data logger can be connected to almost all TechGrow products.

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